Architects get in touch with nature: Studio designed by Bark Architects

Working in a pleasant and inspiring environment is very important, no matter the nature of your work. And what can be more beautiful than nature? Bark Design Architects came up with a wonderful concept that lets them get in touch with nature, relax and be productive at the same time.

This studio is placed between two big Brown Bloodwood eucalyptus trees and this is just one of the details that emphasize the relationship between this building and the nature surrounding it. The structure of the studio is very flexible and versatile. It’s a wonderful workspace which can accommodate a team of 5 to 6 people but it could very well serve as a cozy getaway home for a couple for example. Inside you’ll find a fairly spacious and inviting area on the main level and also a mezzanine level which is a quiet space, perfect for reading, consulting a book or simply relaxing or sleeping.

By choosing a flexible structure and design, the architects combined two different world: the workspace which is a professional function and the cozy living space with all the entertaining features. It’s really hard to get bored here when you have such a lovely décor but, if you do, just sit down, admire the nature and relax.

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