Architect Transforms A Cement Factory Into A Spacious And Inviting Home

This is the home and workspace of architect Ricardo Bofill. It used to be a former cement factory until the architect completely transformed it. Located in Barcelona, Spain the residence is very spacious. It includes an office, an exhibition space, an apartment, guest rooms and several other functions. With a total floor area of 3,100 square meters, this residence is indeed impressive.

The interior is modern and simple so you’ll be surprised to know that the project was completed in 1975. When the architect discovered the factory in 1973, it was abandoned and partially in ruins.

He came up with a plan to bring it back to life and to also give it a new function. The renovation began and some of the structures were demolished and some were exposed. Trees and plants were also planted and a beautiful garden was created.

The former cement factory became an inviting space. Its interior features a casual contemporary style with white sofas, leather furniture, monochromatic rugs and tall curtains. All the different functions are well delimited. The office area has large conference tables with leather seating and framed artwork while the living areas are more casual. There’s a strong industrial influence throughout given by the history of the structure and the elements which have been preserved by the architect.

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