Apartment Buildings That Break The Pattern With Their Memorable Designs

Every apartment building is unique and special somehow which is pretty impressive and quite surprising actually considering how many apartment buildings there are in the world, not just in the big cities but in small areas as well. Some designs are better than other but that’s actually a subjective issue. Not everyone likes the same things and each person is looking for something different while apartment-hunting. Still, some apartment buildings are so impressive and so wonderfully unique that you can’t really find any flaws in their designs. We’ve looked far and wide for such examples and we managed to find a few.

25 Verde by Luciano Pia

25 Verde is an apartment building designed by Luciano Pia and located in Torino, Italy. The main goal of the project was to create an energy-efficient structure that interacts with nature in a special and seamless manner. The signature feature of the building is the abundance of trees and other green elements that are nicely spread through the whole structure.

The building has a steel structure with columns shaped like trees and it contains 63 units. Each loft is different from the others and thanks to all the trees and potted plants, living in any of these units is like being in a tree house. Irregular terraces wrap around the apartments and the top floor has its very own green roof. In addition to looking wonderful, the trees and the plants help reduce site and noise pollution. The building uses geothermal energy for the irrigation.

Spectrum Apartments by Kavellaris Urban Design

You can find this eye-catching apartment building somewhere in Australia and when you see it its image gets impregnated in the brain. Don’t imagine anything too crazy. It’s a pretty simple building but it sits on a piece of land with three frontages. The architects at Kavellaris Urban Design had to plan everything accordingly.

The thing that makes this apartment building special, however, isn’t that. It’s the geometric facade pattern that has each balcony placed at a slightly different angle than the others. Moreover, each balcony features a bright and vivid color and thus this facade becomes a rainbow of colors. There’s also something else that stands out but you’d have to enter the building to see it. There’s an internal circulation area which is open to the sky. It’s a feature that brings in additional light, natural ventilation and lets plants grow in a suitable environment.

Apartman 18 by Aytac Architects

This is a special apartment building in the sense that its design is an homage to the vineyards that have been completely destroyed after 1970 in the Erenkoy region of Turkey. Their loss was due to the construction of new apartment buildings on the sites.In 2014 this new structure was completed by Aytac Architects and, although it’s at the core part of the same category that caused the destruction, its design brings back the vineyards in an artistic and abstract way.

The building is situated in Istanbul and its facade has this intertwining, vine-like pattern that makes the structure stand out while sending a powerful message. The intertwining elements form balconies and go all the way up to the roof where there’s a garden. The architects used a special facade treatment that keeps the residents away from the noise in the city while exposing them to the views and bringing in lots of natural light.

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Barretts Grove by Amin Taha Architects

There’s not a lot going on here and that’s in part what makes this apartment building so special. The building is designed by architect Amin Taha It houses two 3-bedroom family maisonettes, three 2-bedroom flats and one studio apartment. One of the details that make the building and the units inside it special is the selection of materials which include wood, brick and straw and you can see the latter being used on the balconies. The units are designed with timber walls and the building has a brick shell and roof.

Just BE by Arqmov Workshop

Placed at the intersection of two very contrasting buildings, the Just BE apartment building was designed by the Arqmov Workshop with two different-looking frontages. The facade that’s facing the quiet street has long balconies and full-height glass walls and connect the apartment units to their surroundings. The other facade which is facing a street busy with traffic has a closed design meant to offer acoustic insulation.

The cool thing about this facade is the geometric pattern made of lots of small squares juxtaposed to form an eye-catching design. Inside the building there are two voids, one of which incorporates an open staircase and another that offers views of the surroundings and welcomes natural light in.

An apartment building by FHV

This is an apartment building designed by Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms, long for FHV. It stands on a sloping site oriented to the south-east and surrounded by trees. It’s a pretty nice location for an apartment building and this structure makes the most of it. It has an underground parking area so there’s no need for parking spaces around the building.

The units are structured on three levels that form three concentric rectangular rings. At the core of each floor are the circulation and service spaces and that leaves room for the living, dining and sleeping areas on the outermost layer where they get to take in all the natural light and the panoramic views thanks to their floor-to-ceiling windows. All three floors are wrapped in balconies that form the dark metal rims that frame the building.

The Amsteloft project by WE architecten

How cool would it be to find an apartment building for sale that’s still in the construction phase and allows its future residents to customize every aspect of their future homes? Such opportunities are quite rare. When they designed the Amsterloft building, WE architecten involved the future inhabitants in the design process. The final result was a collaborative effort that created a structure based on adaptability.

The inspiration for the project came from converted warehouses, churches and other similar buildings which have been transformed into homes. The desire in this case was to offer the residents the option to adapt and transform the apartments as needed. The apartment building features a concrete frame that divides it into compartments and these frames can be altered. They can go from a four-bedroom family apartment to a two-bedroom holiday retreat.

An apartment tower by Orange Architects

Residential buildings usually divide each floor into several distinct apartments. But imagine how cool it would be to have an entire floor just for yourself. If you like the idea, check out the building designed by Orange Architects. It’s called the Terra Project and it won them a competition for the design of a residential tower in Limassol, Cyprus.

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The design plan is for a residential building with 10 floors, each containing a single apartment. They’re all stacked above a commercial space and they have 360 degree views of their surroundings. Each apartment/ floor has access to outdoor spaces such as private pools, gardens or terraces.

The Aqua Tower by Studio Gang Architects

It’s no wonder this tower has become a landmark, given how unusual and sculptural its appearance is. The building was constructed in Chicago by Studio Gang Architects. It’s a mixed-use tower that contains a hotel, a series of residential apartments, condominiums, office spaces and parking areas. It has terraces that extend away from the building. These cantilevering spaces allow tenants to admire views that would otherwise be unattainable.

The terraces differ in shape from floor to floor  and they create an undulating facade appearance, almost as if the building had water ripples on it, hence the name. The sculptural appearance of the tower and its size are the reasons why it stands out so much. Other cool features related to the design and the structure of the tower include the fact that it has a green roof that includes an outdoor pool, a running track, gardens, fire pits and a yoga terrace.

An apartment building by Stephen Phillips Architects

This is also a mixed-use building. It was designed by Stephen Phillips Architects and it’s situated in San Francisco. It combines commercial and residential spaces and it incorporates a series of Victorian and Edwardian houses with one to four levels. This particular building has a black facade and behind that there’s a set of two apartments which can both be accessed via a single staircase. Individually, the apartments feature modern interiors with chic spiral staircases and open plan social areas.

The Basket Apartments by OFIS

Located in the 19th Arrondissement in Paris, the Basket apartment building is a project by OFIS. It was designed  to serve as a student apartment complex and it sits on a long and narrow loft between a tram line and a football field. The apartments are structures as a series of boxes or baskets that are stacked on top of each other. They give the building a dynamic look. Moreover, the structure stands out thanks to its two different facades, one covered in wood and one made of metal mesh. Another interesting detail is the fact that the building has solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system which helps it be energy-efficient.

Hebil 157 Houses by Aytac Architects

Technically, these are not apartments but rather villas. There’s five of them and they’re located in Bodrum, Turkey. The project was completed in 2012 by Aytac Architects. The five villas are spread over five acres of land and each one is carefully positioned and oriented to capture the best views of the Hebil Bay. All of them have large windows and glass surfaces that connect them to their surroundings and establish a close connection to the outdoors. Moreover, the villas have open layouts and very little compartmentalization inside which ensures a bright and fluid decor.



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