Another Project from Architect Robert Gurney:The Wissioming Residence

This Wisioming Residence in Glen Echo, Maryland has been designed by architect Robert Gurney.This household  is located on a wooded area with a view towards the Potomac River.The constructing process was intended not to damage the environment .This new building occupies the footprint of a pre-existing house as an effort to minimalize the disturbance of the  natural environment.

Structural pre-cast concrete parts were used to rise the building forming walls and floors.Also a lot of glass and wood was used in construction  to give a modern look and  a fine finishing touch.The elements of modernism can be found outside and iside.Modern furniture, comfortable couches ,bright colors strengthen the homes’ theme.

Wood siding is combined with soft gray  terne coated stainless and black steel window frames to blend perfectly with the exterior  color and material pallete,gravel, bluestone and water are also part of it.The lighting system is also very modern and ingenious.Small spotlights on ce ceiling work as a guidance system through the entire place.

Materials used in the interior like aluminum, white oak used in furnishing and terrazzo flooring complete the details of this sublime minimalist sanctuary in which you have the oportunity to focus on yourself and on nature.A perfect symbiosis between the surrounding natural environment that embraces you creating a harmonious habitat in which nature’s cycles are also your cycles, reviving over and over again in the spring time.

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