Another modern house located in Lima,Peru

The villa is situated in Lima,Peru and was designed by Vertice Arquitectos. The house is on two levels, the ground level and the terrace level. The view is extraordinary, situated on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The upper level of the Palillos villa is almost at the normal ground level, because the foundation of the house is deep in the ground. You have an interior garden where your kid could jump on the trampoline.

This is the perfect vacation place you could ever imagine. At the ground level the home has 2 pools where you could enjoy a cocktail or a bath in the early hours. Near the pool you can enjoy a relaxed time sitting at a table and serve drinks or a meal that you can make in the beautiful kitchen.

The ground level has glass doors that start from the ceiling and finish to the floor occupying a whole wall. In the summer you can open the doors at maximum capacity, and let the fresh warm breeze to refresh the house. The space is not so big, but the furniture arrangement makes the place look very comfortable and large.

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The level above is great because you have a 360 degree view of the surroundings. You can spend a day in the sun with not much fuss. You just have to wake up and then climb the stairs to the upper level and enjoy the warm sun. Enjoy a great vacation at the Palillos villa located in Lima, Peru!



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