Another Luxury Home from A-Cero architects

From the cobbled stones that breathe with nicely manicured grass between them where you would expect some white cement to the finely landscaped cubes of lawns close to the main verandah, the first impression is a well planned property.

And this is exactly what the A-Cero architects of this luxurious Spanish home had in mind. True its impressive outside, the inside is even more magnificent. The main lounge is designed to blend well with the surroundings so that you can enjoy the gorgeous gardens outside and get the instant craving to dip yourself into the cool water of the inviting adjacent swimming pool.The use of the bold black color in the main living room coupled up with the one-of-a-kind hanging candle-like chandeliers, the white sofas and the panoramic view of the lawns outside transforms you into another fantasy world.

The house boosts to have some of the most expensively assembled pieces of graceful furniture and fittings that would leave some in the Birmingham Palace seem an outright insult to the Royal hood.


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