Another house from Apollo Architects in Tokyo

This time I present you a house that from the exterior looks almost like a dark red cube. This dwelling placed on a 55 square meters area was designed by Apollo Architects & Associates – Satoshi Kurosaki in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Despite the fact that this is a new construction, the architects managed to create the impression that it has already been a part of this neighborhood for some time. Those big windows help us peek inside at the interesting design picked by the owner and interior designers.

The client, who works as a manager of a publishing company, wanted to live his life surrounded by his favorite books and personal objects so, it appeared the idea of incorporating lots of shelves into the house’s structure. Having a limited budget available, the architects managed to build this house with natural materials like wood and concrete, but also steel. Since the house isn’t furnished, for me it was an exercise of imagination to picture the whole house filled with furniture, appliances, plants and decorative objects.

I looked carefully and on the sketches I saw only a bedroom, placed on the ground floor near the entrance and in the back a bathroom and a washroom. Of course, the hallway has lots of incorporated wooden shelves, and also a staircase which leads us upstairs, on the first floor. Here we can see a simple kitchen placed in a corner and a big open space perhaps for the dining room. Above there is another spacious place; maybe it is the living room because it will be very interesting having a room facing the city’s view from above. If this isn’t enough, an exterior staircase leads us on the building’s roof where could be arranged a terrace, a place to enjoy the sun and the view.

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