Another contemporary weaving studio from Prentiss Architects

This compact and intrusive-looking structure is the Weaving Studio. It was a project by Prentiss Architects who were asked to build this structure on a steep rocky waterfront lot on the west shore of San Juan Island in Washington state, USA. The project was completed in 2010.

The studio sits on a 1,250 square foot area in a remote location with beautiful views. The client that requested it is a professional weaver who wanted this studio for when she and her husband will move to San Juan Island after his retirement. She wanted a space where she could fit all her weaving tools such as the looms, the dying facilities, the sewing and assembling area as well as an office. The studio is used for crafting but also for meetings and displaying her work.

Besides this work-related area of the studio, the clients also requested a bedroom for guests. As a result, the architects decided to create a spacious studio with flowing natural light and ample display space. This would be the main studio volume. There are also some auxiliary spaces defined by the folding back of the exterior shell. One end features a bath and office while the other is a “wet room” that the owner uses for dying. Two additional spaces are also present: the sewing room and the guest bedroom.{pictures by Jay Goodrich}.

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