Another contemporary house in Brazil with a beautiful landspace

This time in Brazil we are looking at another kind of house. Designed by Seferin Arquitectura, Maritimo house located in Rio Grande do Sul is the kind of place where the owners are not necessarily looking for privacy, but more for spending time with family members enjoying the sun and the landscape.

The property isn’t delimited with a fence from the public places or other properties, so it is very important to have some ideas about how to have privacy in a house full of big windows and sliding glass doors. It is actually composed by two different blocks placed one above the other, each of them being used differently. The ground floor block is placed facing the road and the front yard and it is made of a lot of bricks, wood and glass.

The living room is very sophisticate, a combination of both rustic and contemporary styles with lots of beautiful and comfortable furniture. Here, we can see an elegant fireplace which can be admired from inside but also from outside when the inhabitants spend time in the evenings on the balcony deck high around. On the second floor there are three suites connected by a hallway that has direct access to a big terrace facing the lagoon.

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The master bedroom has a large window through which we can see the area which is placed just above the garage and the coverage of the car. The entire building, both on the exterior and interior is made of the same materials. The difference is that inside all the decorations and elegant red details give the place a warm atmosphere.



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