Another Amazing House We Love From Christopher Polly Architect

This is the Elliot Ripper House. It’s located in Sydney, Australia and it got an extensive transformation from Christopher Polly Architect. The main idea was to create a connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The house itself needed some major changes. Let’s see what’s new.

Some internal changes have been made. For example, a ground floor open plan kitchen was created. This space is connected to the dining and living area. The house also got large windows and glass wall sections. They allow natural light to get inside and they also allow views of the exterior. The upper floor bedroom is basically surrounded by windows. The atmosphere is very airy and open. On the ground floor there’s an enlarged area accommodating the bathroom, laundry and storage. It’s directly connected to the living spaces.

The house features an overall modern design. The number of windows and the openness of the rooms is definitely a sign of modernity. Also, the main goal was achieved. The transparent glass portions allow direct views of the outdoor area and this way a connection is created. Also, a garden has been created to the rear of the house. The internal structure has been functionally designed. There are separate spaces designed for parents and for children so they can all enjoy their privacy. Also, there’s a sense of continuity throughout the house. The overall design is modern, functional and very well planned.{found on architezer and pics by Brett Boardman}.

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