An unusual shape for a house limited by regulations

The location and the shape of a site are not elements which you can control and alter once you’ve chosen them. However, you can find numerous ways in which you can work with them. A perfect example in this case would be this house in Matsubara. The house sits on 500 square feet of land in Osaka, Japan. It was designed by Japanese architectural firm Fujiwarramuro Architects.

The size and shape of the site were definitely an inconvenience so the architects had to work around them and to come up with a design that doesn’t suffer because of these elements.

They designed this 3-story contemporary home. As you can, it has an unusual shape that follows the lines of the site. The client requested an open floor plan, a music room and a rooftop terrace. The strict regulations related to the narrow width of the road made things a little more difficult in this case but the challenge was overcome with style.

The limited 47 square meter site area now reveals a very interesting contemporary home. The music room that the client wanted was placed on the first floor. The third floor contains the bedrooms and it shaped like an attic. Above this area is the rooftop terrace. It’s small but it’s charming and offers beautiful views. The exterior has a titanium zinc alloy finish and large windows line the entire circumference of the road-side wall and thus you can admire all the nearby houses that form a scenery.

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