An Old Military Fortress

Would you think or like  to transform a 19 th century old fortress into a hotel? This is what happened with Cap Rocat: a military fortress was renovated into a beautiful hotel which is overlooking Mallorca’s Bay of Palma. What more could you wish for? It is the perfect location and you have the chance to see a panoramic view of the ocean, relax in a peaceful place which, at the same time, provides a historical and cultural context, but also that serenity that every person longs for.

Both the outside and the interior make you feel like in a fairy-tale in which everything is according to you wishes. There is a permanent feeling of safety this place offers and it is impossible not to feel at ease, no matter how demanding you are. If the building itself makes you think about history, the interior definitely makes you dream, giving you that impression of a fairytale world in which you definitely feel good.

Everything seems to have been done only for you, the tourist, to please and make you feel comfortable. So, all you have to do is  to relax and enjoy everything: the spectacular view, the furniture pieces, the materials in their simplicity, but also the colors, the way of combining glass, wood, stone and the perfectly chosen decorative elements which create a dream atmosphere.

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