An Old 1880s Townhouse Gets A Full Restoration And Expansion

Today we’re checking out a very special project. This is a townhouse located in Montreal, Canada. Upon taking a closer look at it you can notice it has a very eclectic and unique design which combines two very different styles. That’s because the house has two section. There’s the original townhouse which dates back to the 1880s and the addition which was completed in 2020 by studio Guillaume Lévesque architecte.

The team was asked to restore the original house and to preserve key elements in its design. They also had to add a contemporary extension. Blending the two sections together harmoniously was definitely a challenge.

The original house was small and had merely a 60 square meter footprint. In comparison, the new extension adds 180 square meters of living space which are organized on three levels. The extension is placed at the back of the existing building and is partially visible from the street. Its exterior is simple and uncluttered and the finishes and colors match those used for the restored front section allowing both sections to blend together even though they feature different styles.

Finding a common ground for two so very different types of the building was not easy but in the end the old and the new come together so well. The original part of the house was fully restored and transformed into two apartments, both with spacious open floor plans and large windows. The brick walls were restored and refinished and the dormers were completely rebuilt but in a style similar to the original.

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The new addition includes a basement with a double garage and a set of storage areas, a ground floor where all the social areas are clustered together and a top floor that houses the master bedroom, two bathrooms and a living room/ guest room. Since the site is quite small, the outdoor areas are not very big but there’s still a very nice connection between the interior and exterior overall. 



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