An oasis house with a beautiful interior design

Sitting in Valdecañas Caceres, in a swamp-like area, this house captures the entire beauty of the surrounding landscape. It’s a very lovely private retreat with a very stylish interior. Since the landscape and surrounding outdoor areas were so beautiful, the owners decided to create a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. For this they added color and texture to their home and made it seem like an oasis.

Inside there are many beautiful details. The colorful cushions feature different prints and color combinations and they are a simple and very efficient way of creating a relaxing and casual atmosphere. The house belongs to a family with 3 children. As soon as they found this place they knew it was going to be a perfect family home for them. The location is wonderful, very quiet and surrounded by beautiful landscape.The swamp located close-by is a very nice element.

They decided to give the house a dynamic look. They personalized the interior décor and they added lots of colors. Of course, when they first bought the house, it wasn’t exactly perfect. They had to make some changes that included accommodating certain areas to the family’s needs, transforming one room into a study and expanding the property by creating new rooms and storage facilities. They also have a very beautiful garden designed by Jesus Ibanez and a porch to admire it from.{found on micasarevista}.

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