An inviting Villa in Sicily, Italy

Villa Carlotta was a project developed by Architrend Architecture – Gaetano Manganello & Carmelo Tumino in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy. The project was started in 2003 and completed two years later, in 2005. It involved a series of interventions made on a 13.620 square meter property.

The team used only a few materials for this project and those were stone, steel, glass and wood. It has two major parts and it involved the recovery and functional adaptation of a late 1800s rural structure into a hotel together with the creation of a garden and a swimming pool. This was a major project and it took the team only two years to finish it.

It was necessary that a series of major actions would be taken when transforming the historic residence into a hotel, However, the architects wanted to preserve the character of the building and to incorporate as much as possible from the old structure into the new one.

Transformation and conservation were the main concepts here. The ground floor of the new building includes a restaurant, eleven rooms and seven Junior suites and the second floor houses a mezzanine hall, six rooms and a suite. The restaurant is particularly beautiful, with the steel and glass structure and the exposed beams in the ceiling. The garden and pool area gorgeous and fascinating.{found on archdaily and pics by Umberto Agnello}

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