An impressive residence in California featuring classic and modern details

Located on Kings Beach, California, this residence occupies the impressive surface of 4,700 square feet and features an eclectic interior design with lots of beautiful details. The house is part of the Brockway Springs compound, an impressive development that includes, besides the houses, a tennis court and a hot spring-fed swimming pool.The development is very beautiful. Besides the pool, every property is traversed by a hot spring water line that further enhances the beauty of the landscape.

This particular property is a house that, in 1998, won a Design Merit Award from the American Institute of Architects. Architecturally speaking it is very beautiful and intriguing. It features an overall eclectic style and includes classic details combined with modern touches and neutral elements.

The house features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, a modern detail that creates a strong indoor-outdoor connection and that also allows natural sunlight to infuse the interior. The internal organization is functional and simple. The house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms along with a beautiful kitchen and a spacious living area. The price for everything is $4,195,000. The interior décor is stylish and elegant. The wood features create a warm and inviting atmosphere and they also balance and combine the styles, allowing them to create a harmonious décor. Another great detail about this property is the fact that it has wonderful views.

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