An Ideal Brazilian Penthouse Interior by Studio Guilherme Torres

The penthouse I am referring to is that special apartment on the top floor of a building and nothing else you might think of… it is the best example of a penthouse apartment interior designed by Studio Guilherme Torres and it is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Once you have seen the image of this apartment, you understand the need of having such a wide, contemporary apartment. It is the most appropriate place where you can relax and receive your friends.

It gives the impression of new, wide, natural. Among the most impressive elements, beside the wide space it covers, there is the huge modern bookshelf that surrounds the entire room. It comprises books, different collections and also electronic devices; its natural aspect is given by the material, as it is made of oak. As the majority of the living rooms, it has the kitchen integrated, with its wide table and modern chairs. A good impression is also given by the fact that the furniture is natural and every book and device on the shelves has its own place and is well-organized and this makes the atmosphere welcoming, even cosy.

The wide windows make the entire house seem ever wider and make you feel at ease. The tables and the chairs are colorful and provide the perfect place to entertain your guests, either with a coffee, a tea or even a party. No other house seems to be more appropriate for your family or your friends, no matter you have a party or just drink a coffee with them.

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