An H-Shaped Home With A Greenhouse-Like Extension

We’ve seen a lot of houses with unusual configurations and this H-shaped one is pretty unusual although not as odd as others. This spatial configuration is very practical. The building is organized as a pair of two volumes connected by a corridor, hence the H shape. The house was designed by Maas Architecten and is located in Berlicum, the Netherlands.

Seen from the street, this looks like two small houses linked by a corridorAt the back, one of the volumes extends outward, featuring this full glass section

The H shape allows the house to form a courtyard that’s protected from the wind and that’s also private, being protected by the two large volumes. It’s a very cozy space, very private even though the volumes that frame it are made of glass. This is where a lovely al fresco dining area is set, with a bridge that goes over the pool.

The design concept is quite similar to that of a greenhouse
At the back of the site there’s a pool facing the central corridor, between the volumes

The house has thatched roofs, a style which has made a big comeback lately, being popular with lots of modern buildings. But the thing that stands out the most in this case is the rear section of the house. At the back, the volume extends beyond the thatched roof and this whole section looks a lot like a greenhouse. The glass walls and roof envelop the space, making the interior very bright and open.

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Most walls of the house are made of glass and ensure a seamless transition between the spaces

One of the volumes contains the kitchen, the dining room, the living space and the master suite. These spaces have access to the courtyard and almost feel like a part of the garden. In fact, the indoor-outdoor transition is very smooth in general. On the second floor of this volume there’s a large home office with a view of the kitchen below.

The interior of the house is bright and decorated with simple, neutral colors



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