An extremely simple house with panoramic views on two sides

When you’re planning to build your first home you have all sorts of images and ideas in mind and it’s difficult to find a way to take them all into consideration. You want the house to respond to your present needs and preferences but, at the same time, you want it to be somewhat flexible in case of a change of lifestyle. A great strategy is to forget about all the little details and to think of the basics.

It’s what the clients of this project did. This house is located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan. It was designed and built by EANA and completed in 2012. As you can see, it has an extremely simple design. The house sits on a site that measures 104.13 square meters and has a total floor area of 91.10 square meters. It’s a small home but it has everything its owners wanted.

The clients were a married couple and they wanted a simple house, a decision based on financial and lifestyle reasons. They wanted the house to be flexible and as simple as possible. The architects designed a structure with two levels. The first floor contains a bedroom, a future child’s room, a storage area and a bathroom. It’s a space with low ceilings and with a layout that allows flexibility in case of future changes.

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The upper level houses the social area and contains a large living room with a 4-meter high ceiling. Since the site offers views of the city park and the vast residential area, the large windows were designed to capture these views. They also let in plenty of natural light while create a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The park becomes a part of the décor itself and the atmosphere inside this space is relaxing, airy and very pleasant and enjoyable.{found on archdaily}.



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