An Example of High Standards on a Dermatology Clinic by Archimania

When we have to go to a clinic, we need to encounter certain standards and an inviting and modern atmosphere in order to feel at ease. Woodbury Dermatology Clinic stands for all these and even more. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, it is one of the works designed by Archimania, providing a warm, inviting and modern environment, which ensures confidence and trust.

The four parts of the clinic include two components: a simple stone one and a glass and wood form, a private space for employees and a public seating area. The clinic is actually formed of stainless steel panels, providing that privacy so necessary for the exam rooms and, at the same time, keeping an open and friendly environment on the interior, while the rear seminar room is in wood and glass.

The parts which are the nurses station and waiting areas are spacious, welcoming and comfortable and, one of the most important aspects, abundant in natural light. Everything suggests comfort, no matter it is inside or outside, from materials and systems to the layout. Nothing compares to the mood you have when everything meets your expectations, especially when it is about hospitals and clinics. Woodbury is the perfect example of an ideal dermatologic clinic that ensures every aspect you might think of and this makes it worthy to recommend.

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