An Elitist Residence by Joao Mendes Ribeiro

The houses that have something to with poets, painters, artists in general have something unique that common houses do not have and that normal people do not share. It is as if their creativity inspires everything around. Casa da Escrita, residence of the poet Joao Cochofel, is located in Coimbra, Portugal.

It is definitely the kind of house you fall in love with if you like simplicity, elegance and style. The white dash matches the blue of the sky and the surrounding area and seems to reveal a singular feature that only royal houses have. Not only the outside is impressive in its simplicity and elegance, the inside proves the same good taste and style that only great houses possess. The house is the best model demanding for comfort and flexibility, resulting in the simplification of the living spaces.

The furniture gives a clear impression of being carefully selected for this modern space that does not lose at all the reference of the original space or the atmosphere of comfort and intimacy.  The house is also an open archive and a temporary residence for writers, the bookshelves in the whiteness of a room and the exposure of books being a proof of the artistic existence. In such an artistic residence, you have the feeling that you always have to live up to high standards and this can motivate. The black and white furniture highlights once more the simplicity and elegance of an elitist place and the inspiring air that reigns everywhere.{pics bydo mal o menos }

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