Amazing Villa by Architrend Architecture

Today we would like to present you a stunning villa located in Ragusa, Italy. Designed by Architrend Architecture, this lovely building is set in an agriculture context, a plateau with sandstone walls that divide the various portions of the propriety.The site has particularly conserved the precious idea of “isolation” and the whole design comes to grips with the context, creating a relationship with the landscape.

This large single-family house is open to visual enjoyment, through the creation of outdoor living spaces, rooms without walls that become parts of the environment. The relationship with the context and the sequence of the three stacked floors gives the flavor of the Mediterranean home.

The interior presents a two-storey high living room with a staircase leading to the first floor, where you can find a studio zone and a bedroom. The daytime area is joined to the kitchen and dining room. The master bedroom is located behind the living area and also features a bathroom and a closet. Moreover the color palette used is a neutral one, creating the feeling of a bright, airy space. The architects also used floor to ceiling windows in order to bathe the house in natural light.

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Villa T is an awesome contemporary residence, perfect for starting our life. It is a warm and welcoming place to land and a sanctuary to retreat to.



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