Amazing Tea House in Shanghai

This is the Tea House, a sort of extension of an office located in Shanghai, China. It was a project by Archi-Union. The Tea House sits in the backyard of Archi-Union’s J-office. It’s been built using salvaged parts of the original warehouse that used to be on the site. The salvaged pieces from its roof were perfect for this project. Since the site already had walls on three sides and only one side facing towards an open space, there weren’t a lot of options.

The site also had a lot of mature trees that further posed more restrictions. The Tea House was designed with three parts. It includes a covered public area facing the open space and the pool. The ground level is enclosed and on the first floor there’s a library with a small triangular balcony that extends over the trees. The Tea House also includes a series of more private areas such as a lounge, a reading room and a service room located at the rear of the house.

The public and private spaces are connected together by a transition space. There’s also a nonlinear staircase that connected all the levels. There’s an inner courtyard near the reading room from where the trees are visible. The Tea House has a three-dimensional irregular shape. The architects had to create an advanced design using local low-tech construction techniques. It was a complicated project with many challenges but the final result is impressive.{found on architezeer}.

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