Amazing Stud Horse Mountain House by Balance Associates

This house is built over a large area of 3,500 square foot and it is located in Northeast Washington State. Spectacular views can be enjoyed from the different parts of this house. In winters, this house looks more beautiful when it is covered with layers of snow. It is a joyous experience to live in this house and enjoy beauty both inside and outside. Whether it is kitchen, bedroom or any other part of this house; you will observe great beauty in details. Watching breathtaking views of mountains from this house is like watching a beautiful painting all the time.

It’s quite a big house, with plenty of rooms to spare. It’s located in a very beautiful area, with amazing landscape and very beautiful views. The most impressive image can be seen during the winter, when the whole area is covered with snow. It’s a really beautiful image. The house has a strange design, with modern and simple elements. It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room has a specific look, a different atmosphere and décor. But what they all share in common is the modern and simple style. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns work together and form a complete and equilibrated image. And all the different colors also work together to form complementary and colorful images.  It’s a beautiful design, modern and elegant and also stylish.

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It has a large office, beautiful and cozy bedrooms and a really nice living room. Overall, it has a very inviting look, especially because of the wood ceiling and walls. The kitchen and dining area are also simple and modern, decorated in a very stylish way. I particularly like the pendants from the kitchen.



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