Amazing Rotating House With 360 Degree Views

Many houses have a design and orientation influenced by the landscape and the views. When you decide to build a house you usually first analyze the site carefully and then decide what area you want the house to be facing. Then you decide what areas go where, depending on the orientation and level of privacy. However, for this particular house none of those elements presented a problem. It’s because the house can be rotated and allows 360 degree views.

The idea was very ingenious and very clever. Since the house can be entirely rotated, you don’t need to worry about the orientation, location and privacy levels. For the Everingham Rotating House those kinds of problems are inexistent. And not only that the whole concept behind this design was very clever but it was also environmentally-friendly. Building such a revolutionary house is indeed very impressive and doing it with minimal impact on the environment is a great accomplishment.

The Everingham Rotating House is located outside Wingham NSW and it features views of the mountains and the river. The house is mainly made of glass and steel. It rotated thanks to an electrical motor of small dimensions. It has natural light and heat systems and a simple and modern design. While rotating, the house can take advantage of the sun and the views. Having a house that can move is very handy. Sometimes you build a house and then, a few years later, you wish you would have oriented it differently and there’s nothing you can do about it then. It can all be solved with a little creativity.

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