Amazing Reconstruction of a House in Italy

Today we would like to present you a lovely house that was reconstructed on an airport premises. Designed by Enrico Scaramellini, the project pursues several objectives of the new building and the recognition of some compositional values of the existing building.

Located in Italy, this beautiful house presents a ground floor where you can see a large room with an open floor plan, housing the kitchen, dining and living spaces and the first level that hosts a bedroom and a bathroom. A significant element of the project is the architecture of the new residential building, a structure closely linked to the context that reuses features of the existing form.

The original building was characterized by the presence of double doors, defining the composition and making it a big box with a large opening. This gorgeous house features traditional furnishings and wooden beams that give it a rustic feel. On the other hand, it also presents modern bathroom furniture and a contemporary exterior, giving it an eclectic flair. What’s more you can find a sleek fireplace in the living area that completes the house.

This superb residence is a warm and welcoming place to land. The architect created a retreat and lightened and brightened with an eclectic flair. Would you like to live in a house like this?{found on archilovers}.

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