Amazing Norwegian Cabins To Watch The Northern Lights From

The Norwegian landscape is a blend of rugged terrain and stunning and mysterious beauty and what better way to enjoy all that than by living in a cabin surrounded by nature and its gorgeous creations? In the images that follow we’ll show you a few of the most breathtaking Norwegian cabins which manage to tame even the harshest and most unfavorable sites just so they can offer a glimpse at the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us.

A cabin on the Norwegian coast, designed by Lund Hagem Architects

Located on one of the tiny islands near Larvik in Vestfold County, this Norwegian cabin was built on solid galvanized metal columns which drill right into the rock and provide a stable support structure for the building to rest on. This unusual method was used by Lund Hagem Architects simply because of the very uneven and rugged ground. The rocky terrain didn’t offer a stable base and the architects and their clients agreed that the site and the surroundings should be preserved intact. The cabin offers dramatic views along the Norwegian coast and sits only 16 feet above the sea.

The Fordypningsrommet cabins

The Fordypningsrommet cabins are situated off the coast of Norway in the Fleinvaer archipelago which is a cluster of tiny Arctic isles. This is the perfect vacation getaway destination for anyone who seeks to spend some time away from cities, pollution, noise and traffic and just enjoy the wonders of nature. It’s where a series of cabins were built for this specific purpose. They can be rented out and offer individual volumes for sleeping, cooking and other activities, functioning as a whole, as a large house separated into smaller spaces. Here there are no shops, no roads, no distractions….just beauty and spectacular light shows in the sky.

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West coast cabin designed by Rever & Drage

Somewhere in the Straumsnes district on the West coast of Norway there’s a beautiful cabin with a minimal, contemporary design. It occupies a site where an old holiday home from the 1950s used to stand. Architecture studio Rever & Drage replaced that old structure with a new Norwegian cabin able to make the most of the stunning and breathtaking views. Further more, the architects managed to preserve some of the elements from the old structure and to integrate them into the new cabin. For example, the swimming pool was retained and refurbished, the same as an annex which the architects used as a reference for the new cabin’s selection of materials. These efforts allows them to make this contemporary Norwegian cabin look and feel timeless.

Holiday cabins on Manshausen Island


In Northern Norway you can find four charming cabins which were designed by architect Snorre Stinessen. The cabins can be rented by explorers who come to this region on hiking, fishing, skiing and diving trips. Together, the cabins form the Manshausen Island Resort. They’re built out of timber and glass and feature glass box volumes which cantilever over the coast, offering dramatic views and exclusive and memorable experiences. Actually, only three of the cabins cantilever over the steep stone quays while the fourth one is built on a rocky ledge.

A Y-shaped cabin in a ski resort

This is a private cabin that studio Lund Hagem Arkitekter designed and built for a client who wanted to be able to enjoy the freshness and airy beauty of a summer cabin but in a winter landscape. The cabin is situated in the Kvitfjell ski resort on one of the highest buildable plots. From up here the views are amazing and the sloping terrain makes the most of them. Surrounded by birch and pine trees, the cabin offers a sense of privacy and tranquility which in a sense contrasts with the harsh winter landscape around it. To balance out these extremes, the architects gave the cabin glazed surfaces and large openings as well as pine louvres which cover them up.

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Igloo-like cabin with skylights

The northern lights attract large amounts of tourists in Iceland and Norway every year and what better way to enjoy the spectacle than from inside a cozy cabin with glazed sides and glass skylights….That’s exactly what the Panorama Glass Lodge offers. This amazing cabin is situated just outside Reykjavik in Iceland and has an igloo-like structure. Inside there’s a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining area and even a hot tub but the most amazing part is by far the bedroom which is basically a glass box with 360 degree views of the surroundings and, most importantly, the sky.

Cabin retreat with amazing mountain views

The northern lights also inspired studio Hamran/Johansen Arkitekter and their clients to build an amazing Norwegian cabin in Tromsø back in 2014. The cabin is situated at the edge of the Lyngen peninsula and is surrounded by a dense nearby forest, offering spectacular mountain views. It was designed to serve as a family retreat and has a total of nine beds, all within a 50 square meter interior space which also includes a living and dining area with a double-sided fireplace and a cool bookshelf bench.



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