Amazing Houses Built On Triangle-Shaped Lots

It’s amazing what creative minds can come up with when they’re faced with a challenge. A triangle-shaped piece of land would be seen as a restriction and even a deal-breaker by a lot of architects but not all, as the projects that we’re about to show you demonstrate. These houses are definitely worthy of admiration not just because they manage to fit on such small and unusual sites but also because they ultimately use this disadvantage in their favor.

The Australia House – Japan

The Australia House is a structure designed to be used as a refuge during disasters and is located in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It sits on a small and oddly-shaped piece of land with a panoramic view which the house is surprisingly not trying to take advantage of. Instead of focuses on views of the immediate surroundings, putting an emphasis on the ordinary. This was a project developed by studio Andrew Burns Architect.

On the Corner – Japan

This is a residential complex located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, on a wedge-shaped lot which has previously been avoided by everyone because of its difficult shape and inconvenient location. It was only relatively recently that studio EASTERN Design Office decided to change that. They chose this site for their new residential complex which takes the shape of the lot and is 13 meters high and houses  seven units, with the top floor housing only a single apartment.

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Roslyn St Restaurant – Australia

In Kings Cross, Sydney there’s a rather unusual-looking building that stands proud on a triangle-shaped plot. It’s a four-storey structure designed and built by studio Durbach Block Jaggers. Its most notable functions include a restaurant and bar on the ground floor and a garden on the roof. However, what makes it stand out the most is its tiny footprint and unusual shape which mimics a triangle but not quite as it has a rounded corner and gets slightly thinner at the top only to form a wide overhanging corniches.

Triangolo – Slovakia

This is an apartment building located in Nitra, Slovakia. It was designed and built by architect Sebastian Nagy and like all projects on this list it’s characterized by a triangular plot. In this case the architect chose to fully embrace the shape of the triangle and to repeat it throughout the design in various different forms, starting with the overall shape of the entire building. The balconies share the same form and even the roof shows a more abstract interpretation in the form of curved sections with domes.

Triangle House – Australia

With a name like this we instantly know what to expect. Designed by Molecule Studio, this is a house located in Toorak, Australia on a site with a compact 200 square meter triangular footprint. This detail had a big impact on the overall design of the house itself which takes the shape of the site. At the same time, the architects were determined to give their clients a beautiful modern home with a beach house kind of vibe, lots of natural light and a strong connection to the outdoors. Surprisingly, they made all of that happen.

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Mount Lawley House – Australia

Studio Robeson Architects showed the entire world how precious every piece of land is and how much potential even a small and oddly-shaped area can have when architecture is on point. This house sits in a 180 square meter triangular lot wedged between Hyde Park and Beaufort Street in Perth, Australia. It has a geometric design which stands out and is unlike anything else in this area but manages to blend in surprisingly easily among the neighboring structures. It really adds something to the area.



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