Amazing House in Kaimakli, Cyprus

I like the houses that preserve the traditional atmosphere, they have something special and they tell a story. This time the house that I like was built in Kaimakli, near Nicosiain Cyprus by Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects .There is an interesting fluidity of the new spaces; all the new parts being movable partitions organized around two courtyards. Most part of the year these new spaces open and constitute parts of a unified courtyard, which includes what is called ” the sun room”, the central part of the house.

Everything is amazing, starting with the size of the house to the smallest details, to the book walls that can be seen from outside, to the numerous plants that seem to guard everything around. You have the feeling that you find yourself in front of a fortress and nobody or nothing can harm you as long as you are here.

The buildings in themselves provide a feeling of safety and the yards are the ideal space to walk and forget about all worries at the end of a work day. There is a permanent impression that this space was built in order to give another perspective over life, over its positive side and to make you feel you belong to another universe, one where everything is pleasant and all you have to do is to feel at ease and enjoy everything around you.{found on archdaily}

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