Alki Townhomes by Johnston Architects

What might seem like a single structure actually hides two houses. Located in the Alki neighborhood in Seattle, this building is a concept design by Johnston Architects PLLC. The project consisted of building two townhouses that would share a main structure. Situated close to the beach, the townhouses benefit from a wonderful location. The distant views are quite beautiful and the surroundings offer all the necessary accommodations.

The transparent facades that you see here hide two separate houses. They each have three bedrooms and two master suites. The layout is functional, with the living areas distinctly separated from the private zones. The houses also have private garages which can each accommodate two cars. As the pictures clearly show us, the two townhouses share similar glass facades. They provide views and also open the spaces onto the exterior. The light invades the rooms and creates a close connection with the exterior.

The townhouses also feature beautiful roof terraces from where the views are even more amazing. The master bedroom offers access to the terrace. Also, they have large windows which emphasize and beauty of the views. The living rooms feature elegant designs. They are spacious and connected to the kitchens which are fully equipped with modern appliances. The townhouses have several elements in common, besides the actual structure. The interior designs follow the same simple and modern lines and the decors are elegant. This way a cohesive look is created throughout the rooms but also in the whole building.

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