Albert Frey’s Palm Springs House Simply Disappears Into The Desert Landscape

Frey House II is, as the name clearly suggests, one of the two houses Swiss architect Albert Frey has built for himself in Palm Springs, California. The 800 square foot building overlooks the desert resort and seamlessly disappears into the mountain. It was purposefully designed to recede into the rocky landscape and to offer a very strong connection with the outdoors.

The house is mainly built of glass and steel and has a low and horizontal design. Before actually building the house, the architect spent years trying to find the perfect location for it and examining the sun in order to come up with the optimal design. Although not impressive in size, the house does benefit from a gorgeous location and has a fantastic interior design. The architect chose a simple approach, using common and humble materials for the furniture and everything else inside. That’s because the wanted the views to be the center of attention.

This is proof that a house can be luxurious even without glamorous accent pieces and expensive accessories. Enter the house by passing the swimming pool and the cozy nook and enter a space where everything has its place. Everything in the living room is built in and this allows the tiny house to feel much larger. The split level design adds visual interest and allows the house to connect to the landscape so perfectly.{found on yellowtrace}.

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