Ala Moana by Omiros One Architecture

Ala Moana, is a newly constructed project on Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. This elegant building was planned by Australian architect Omiros One Architecture to make best use of the views and set at dissimilar levels to follow the natural land slope with negligible cutting into the site.

This five bedroom magnificence house allows infinite ocean views from atop of a sharply inclined site on Hamilton Island in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It merges a comfortable tropical resort ambience with extravagance, superiority, solitude and stillness.

Ala Moana by Omiros One Architecture

One main issue measured by the architect was how the construction could be observed and valued by the visitor from such a sloppy site. The answer was to design a twisty path which moves toward the house from below, an expedition of finding with several aspects, texture and utility recounting slowly at close range, as well as such texture as the layered design of the house and the mass of water falling down the slope and reflecting the sky from within. The pathway surrounds the building and carries the guest to the entrance point of house where the glass-edged double doors permit the first sight of the breathtaking view.

From inside you will found the construction becomes a sequence of frames for the view, the inner insightful pool sway through the site to the open view at frontage, merging with the sky and looks like it fall into the ocean beyond. The swimming pool becomes the focal point of the living space.

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Another main key-point of the design course was how to lessen the visual impact of the new construction. It was attaining by dividing the volume of the building into smaller articulated potion, it divided into four major volumes of dissimilar heights, each coroneted with curved, wing-like zinc roofs. Their volume-ness further lessened by opening through tall glassy folding doors. It was designed so to get maximum light.



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