Airy and Spacious Ranch in Californian

Out in the Californian sun there is this place sitting upon 12 acres of land with a barn and a household transformed from a genuine ranch into a perfect summer home.The people who created this are interior designer Clarles De Lisle and architect Ian Moeller.They worked together and shared ideas to build a perfectly balanced retro and modern home for a family of four.The building has its original walls but  covered with clear cedar paneling on the interior, exposed wooden beams and concrete floors.

The interior is spacious an throughout the residence there are various vintage pieces from European countries and U.S. which add a bit of character and history to the living areas.The kitchen is designed to be the center and the busiest room from the entire house.It is spacious with a large island   and chairs and a dining table , extending to an lounge area  on the other side of the room.

All over the place can be found  combined  elements of modernism and comfort with traditional elements like white painted brick walls and wooden beams, door, shelves and fireplaces, creating a cozy environment suited for a  big family.The vast land aroud the house was used wisely and thereby outside we cand find the ultimal place for hanging out outdoors in big wooden chairs surrounding a round fireplace.And since the wheater in that area is warm and dry, a terrace outside  is  going to be the favourite place to hang out in the evening.{found on yatzer}

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