Aigua Marine, home with fabulous views on the Antilles

Sometimes a house is not solely defined as a solid structure and nothing more. Usually the surrounds and the landscape are very important. The views are crucial, especially in the case of beach houses and villas. So a residence that’s located in a beautiful are but has no views to be admired is not exactly something to be proud of. It’s not what we can say about Aigua Marine.

Located in Saint Barthélemy, this villa has more than just a beautiful design. It offers splendid views are this is a detail that also increases the beauty of the residence itself. But let’s forget about the surrounding for a moment and focus on the actual villa. The building itself features a modern architecture with simple lines and elegant details. The rooms are open and spacious and the property also extends outside. Sold for 16.62 million dollars, the property is luxurious and sophisticated in a simple but obvious way.

The interior of the house is very chic. The contemporary furniture, the clean lines and the minimalist color palette are all details that contribute to an overall charming and chic atmosphere. if we also take into consideration the splendid views, we can fairly say that this is a dream home, one that takes the beauty of the modern architecture to a whole new level. The Mediterranean influence is quite visible throughout the design, especially regarding the choice of colors that include shades of blue, green, white and brown, all beautifully balanced throughout.

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