Abandoned farmhouse turned into a Dollhouse

This life-sized dollhouse is located in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada. It used to be just an abandoned farmhouse that would have eventually turned into ruins and disappeared. Fortunately, artist Heather Benning happened to find it and decided to use it as her next project.Heather enjoys finding old and abandoned houses and turning them into giant installations. It’s a different kind of art that we’re used with, the type that you can’t fit in your home but in which you can enter, literary.

The artist named this project Dollhouse. She found this two-storey farmhouse in 2005 and started working on it in 2007. She began transforming the house and, little by little, it began to take shape. The house had a narrow footprint and a very simple layout which made it perfect for this project.

The farmhouse needed to be renovated. The artist had to create new walls and to remove all the furniture in order to replace it with new pieces. She also had to restructure the interior so she removed one of the side walls and used the shingles to restore the roof. The interior was repainted and redecorated. Heather used vintage furniture to capture the house’s charm and original beauty. At the end she installed a plexiglass wall to protect the interior. This was a very interesting project and visitors can still admire it. However, they are not allowed inside.{found on inhabitat}.

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