A Young & Trendy House by Greg Wright Architects

Nothing can impress more than a trendy, young house in Cape Town,South Africa! If we add the fact that Greg Wright Architects designed it and that it offers great views toward the ocean, then we have a great result. The Vk1 house is young, trendy and even elegant, just perfect for a young couple.

If the first floor contains the main areas and provides spectacular views toward the ocean, the ground floor centers around the yard, offering light, ventilation and beautiful perspectives, no matter the room you find yourself in.

One of the most impressive aspects is the elegant and modern palette of polished concrete floors, textured concrete and stainless steel with the touches of natural grey stone and dark glass, the perfect proof of a unique lifestyle. What underlines the spirit of the house in every room, with a specific mood for each occasion, is the lighting design, which also creates a unique richness of textures and shades.

No matter you find yourself in the bathroom or in the bedroom, you have the same impression, of a contemporary house where everything is modern and pleasant. This is the kind of house a young couple would definitely choose as home, because of the beautiful landscape and the building’s modernity and because it stands for something important in life, their future.

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