A Warm and Cozy Residence in Australia

Just a look at this beautiful home can attract anyone towards this house. This house is located in a fortunate landscape and it was a challenge for the architects to construct a home, which is both light, well ventilated and connected to the water, city and the garden views. The courtyards are designed in such a way that the glazing permits the sunlight to enter the house. The northern facades are transparent and deeply modulated to provide protection from the extremely hot sunrays in summers. The interiors are incredible and blend well with the exteriors of this house. If you want to feel the nature closely then this house is the best option. The house enhances the look of the surrounding landscape as well. The wooden flooring adds a luxurious touch to the house. The comfort factor is also kept in mind while constructing the house.  This house is suitable to enjoy every season throughout the year.{Stanic Harding Architects}


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