A Unique Residence in Nova Lima by Humberto Hermeto

Vale dos Cristais, Nova Lima, Brazil is the location of a residence designed by the architect Humberto Hermeto. Nothing new so far, but when you see this big residence and the surrounding area, you get to notice a different perspective over things. The building has 5 suites, living and leisure spaces, but also a large gallery, for the owner, who is probably an artist or an art lover.

What in impressive at a first sight is the irregular form, with the vertical gap, which must have different uses, thanks to the different levels. Under a continuous roof there is, besides the rooms any house has, the recreation area, a place loved by everyone. Every room provides a new perspective over the beauty of the mountains… What more could you want? There are also other appealing elements that provide ways of spending free time in a very pleasant manner, such as the sauna, the pool or the garden that seem to belong to another world, a better one.

The elevator ensures the communication between the levels of the house, from the gallery level to the residence level. The false facade seems to be a shade from the morning sun, which reveals everything in a different light. Beyond the red doors, the gallery is inviting through the beauty of the paintings, while the open space belonging to the interior of the residence seems to compete with it. Every modern piece of furniture, every painting, every flower, every decorative element seems to exist in order to reveal the beauty of every corner of the house.

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