A unique house outside of Stuttgart, Germany

Haus am Weinberg is a contemporary residence located just outside of Stuttgart, Germany. It was a project by Amsterdam-based architects UNStudio and has been recently completed. The entire design as well as the internal structure, circulation and organization of the spaces have been determined and influences by a single gesture, the twist.The most representative element for this element is the central staircase. It was designed as a large twist that connects the floors and that supports the stairs. The entire house has been designed to incorporate the same flow and curves as this main element. Even the exterior and the shape of the residence are representative for this fact.

When seen from the exterior, the residence seems very lean and light. That’s actually true as the building’s load bearing concrete structure has been reduced to a minimum. In fact, the roof and the slabs are supported by only four elements that include the elevator shaft, two pillars and an inner column. This is possible because of the large cantilever spans.

The interior of this unusual and unique residence has been divided into several areas, each with a different function, atmosphere and design. However, there are elements that unify the whole house. One of those elements is the natural oak flooring that adds warmth and texture to all the rooms. The white clay stucco walls are also a recurrent element in the design.

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As you can imagine, the residence has lots of custom-made features and furnishings. They were designed to match and accentuate the architectural details. But there’s also one space that is very different from the rest of the house. It’s a dark room with a design inspired by music and hunting. This space has been intentionally designed to contrast with the rest of the rooms. The ceiling and the walls are covered with acoustic dark wood panels complemented by the dark wooden floors.{

Pictures by Iwan Baan and Christian Richters.



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