A Typical Australian House by Wolveridge Architects

Nowadays most people tend to follow the pattern of integrating objects and landscape when they choose to build their house. This is what the Wolveridge Architects succeeded to do in Victoria, Australia, with a hill plain house. At the first sight, it is a house like any other house, but at a close look, you get to see the differences.

The first aspect that draws the attention is the rectilinear plan of the building; there is an attempt of creating a typical Australian exterior, which means a palette of natural materials and craftsmanship that reminds childhood memories. The panels of windows frame the views over the surrounding area, a typical Australian landscape; the materials seem to be others that you would expect: steel, concrete and even plaster besides the famous wood that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The white curtains, the black doorframes and the generally dark interior blend in a perfect contrast. The wide glass windows are ideal to provide that impression of wide space and, at the same time, some great perspectives over the environment. The inside is a unique mixture of tradition- represented by the natural materials and modernity- represented by the colorful part of the house with modern furniture, large paintings and decorative objects from place to place, as a sign that seems to appear from time to time in order not to forget about it! This beautifully wooden house is actually a family home that has to be appreciated in its simplicity.

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