A two story house made of eight shipping containers with a modern interior design

Who would ever believe that someone will make a full scale home from cargo containers? This amazing project was designed by the French architect Patrick Partouche. The 2,240 square feet home was entirely build within a budget of almost $ 300 000. The contemporary residence was built of 8 shipping containers. As we can already tell, the containers were cut to create a plain open space inside, because living and arranging each container as an individual room was simply inacceptable.

Inside the modern living space combines very well the metal, steel poles and stairways with comfortable sitting, stylish furniture and modern appliances and other electronics. Although it’s not a traditional house by nature the residence has a surprisingly well compartmented space including bedrooms, bathroom united by metal stairs and bridges along the containers.

Because of the nature and form of the main building blocks all the plumbing and wires are at sight, a thing not very common in an ordinary house, but the only way of doing it in this case. Overall the place feels a bit industrial, with a lot of bare metal poles, pipes and railways, but livable. A lot of natural light comes through large windows mounted at the end of each container.

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The interesting fact is that the owner kept the original container doors to use them as shutters for more privacy or bad weather.  I would say that this is an interesting project and you probably need a lot of courage to live in a place like this.



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