A Tower Vacation Home Hovers Over The Forest Offering Views Of The Mountains

One of the best things about most vacation homes are the views. That’s because they’re usually located either in a secluded area, surrounded by trees and vegetation or in an open area with panoramic views over the distant landscape. What would be even better would be to have them both. Although it can be difficult to achieve, it’s possible. Take this vacation home for example.

Located in Upstate New York, this tower house sits in a the middle of the forest and yet it offers panoramic views of the lake and mountains in the distance. It’s all thanks to its unusual design. The Tower House was designed and built by GLUCK+.

It has a small footprint as not to disturb the nature around it very much and it has three floors. The top floor houses the living spaces and offers magnificent views.

The top floor has a much bigger footprint than the others so the house looks like it’s sitting upside down

This 4th floor is also bigger than the other ones. In addition, it has a rooftop terrace. The design of the house is modern, with a dark green exterior and black glass panels which help it blend in and reflect the trees which surround the house. Inside, the division of the rooms is very practical. The living spaces are on the top floor where the views are most beautiful. The bedrooms are facing north and have floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass-enclosed staircase connects all the functions.

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