A Tiny Adventure Home With A Climbing Wall And Cozy Loft Nooks

Sure, camping in a tent can be fun but wouldn’t you rather have a camper trailer for considerably more comfort? They’re not only great for camping but also if you’re an adventurous type that likes to travel a lot. And if you’re serious about this then maybe you could have a custom trailer built exactly the way you want it to be. It’s what the owners of the Tiny Adventure Home did.

The structure was custom-built for the clients with all the features they requestedOne of the key features requested by the clients was a climbing wall which was fitted on the exterior of the camper

The structure was custom built for them by Tiny Heirloom. The most notable feature that makes it stand out is the climbing wall clad with modular and reconfigurable panels. It’s a really cool feature that lets the owners practice their climbing when they stop and rest or after finding a good spot with a nice view.

The structure looks a lot like a miniature version of a house, hence the standard front doorImmediately to the left of the entrance is the kitchen, decorated in a rich shade of blue

The trailer is small but really cozy and quite luxurious. It was designed to be like a miniature version of an actual house. It has a standard front door in a dark shade of turquoise and a fully-equipped kitchen in a rich shade of blue with stainless steel accents. A small square window above the sink brings a little bit of light inside.

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Everything had to be customized to suit a mobile home, hence the framed appliancesAn arched door made of solid wood hides the bathroom which is situated at one end of the house

The bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen, the spaces being separated by a sliding barn door. The door frame forms an arch with blue mosaic and wood accents. This combination of colors is a leitmotif for the decor, also being featured in the dining nook.

Above the bathroom there’s a loft area which accommodates the bedroomA second loft area is situated above the dining nook on the other side of the structure

There are two loft spaces inside the trailer. One of them is above the bathroom and houses the bedroom and the other is on the other side of this tiny house, above the dining area. This space serves as a lounge space, featuring floor pillows and comfortable accent chairs.

The dining area looks small and cozy but it’s big enough to accommodate six peopleThe loft space above it is a casual and comfortable lounge area with floor pillows and folding chairs

The dining area is small and placed at the other end of the house, directly across from the bathroom. It has a cozy U-shaped bench that frames a table for six. The bathroom  is small as well. To maximize the space, the designers used a corner soaking tub.

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The bathroom is pretty small but it has a tub and everything else needed in a modern home

When it’s nice and warm outside, one side of the trailer opens up and lets in fresh air and natural light. It’s a system similar to a large garage door.

The bedroom has its own horizontal window with views of the surroundings



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