A sustainable dual community in London

Edgley Design was recently asked to work on a project in London, England. The clients owned a site for several years and they had two building there. In 2011 they decided to modernize the buildings but not in an extreme way. They still wanted to preserve the character of the original structures but to also create a new, sustainable small community.

The architects and the clients managed to come up with a plan. The idea was to knock down the existing studio and to create instead n artist’s studio and a separate two-bedroom house. The two structures would share the same footprint. The studio was designed as a shiny metal box inspired by industrial sheds. From the exterior the industrial side is very imposing while on the inside the studio is minimally decorated and has a more domestic feel.

The other part of the building, the main volume, was designed as a black rubber clad box. It creates a very strong contrast with the studio. Inside, the house is relaxing and calm, a great retreat. It has few windows but it’s very bright thanks to the light coming from the roof and the internal courtyard. The owners have complete privacy inside. The two building from the site are separated but also connected by a terrace. It’s a lovely outdoor living area, not entirely exposed to the exterior.{found on archdaily}.

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