A Successful Transformation by Adam Richards Architects

Not too many people would think to transform a former Baptist church into a house… But what Adam Richards Architects did, is a great home, which also takes the advantage of the site’s views.  Located in Plaistow, West Sussex, England, the house is a two blocks building, the one facing the road being obviously a memory of what used to be the chapel.

The large living space the first floor occupies, contrasts with the sleeping quarters of the ground floor, so dense in details and high quality materials. The entire building is the best example of a complex plan in the most comfortable and private space ever. The windows set between a series of columns provide some spectacular countryside views that do not let you forget about the beautiful part of life. What can be more pleasant than the intimate air created around the fireplace, with the two cabinets, which define the kitchen and the study area?

The interior offers a comfortable space, while the entire house and the garden seem to be a single entity that cannot be separated. Nothing compares to the unique setting of the sustainable 2-storey house, which seems to provide everything a person could dream about a home. Every room is so simple and pleasant that it makes you feel at ease and wonder why you did not think about this possibility so far. I would definitely like to live is such a great house!

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