A stylish white home with a spectacular roof terrace

Lima is a wonderful location known for its exotic charm and marvelous views. But there’s more to this place in Peru than that. Lima is also a place where architecture takes amazing forms and there are many stunning examples that could support this idea. We’ve only selected one. It’s a beautiful residence that was built in 2012.

The residence is known as the Seta House. It was designed and built by Martín Dulanto Architect and sits on an area of 136.12 square meters. The design is indeed spectacular. it’s simple but at the same time it’s also sophisticated and remarkable. Of course, such a creation needed a talented team in order to become reality. The architect in charge, Martín Dulanto Sangalli, worked with collaborators Martha Leiva, Raúl Montesinos, Juan Caycho, Paola Hagei, Pierina Sánchez and Sergio Salazar to achieve the results you see now.

Let’s now take a closer look at the house itself.The first floor houses a wonderful social area. It’s a spacious area that integrates a living room, a dining space, a kitchen and also a terrace. Here, the indoor-outdoor connection is very close and the transition is almost seamless. In one corner you can find the social area we’ve just described while the rest of the space is a beautiful exterior garden.

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This first level also contains the bedrooms but in a zone that could be considered independent from the social area. It houses 2 bedrooms with their own private bathrooms and a main bedroom, also with a separate bathroom. The two spaces are separated by a sliding door. In addition to these two zones there is also a service area situated on the same floor. The residence also has a terrace level. Here you can find a living space, a dining area, a BBQ area, the bar, a resting area and the pool.



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