A Stunning Villa With A Private Yacht Berth

If you had a yacht wouldn’t you like to travel and cruise all the day long until you get tired and want to go home. And after that, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get out of the yacht and step right into your home? It sounds wonderful and it’s not just a dream or theory. Such a place really exists. This is a wonderful collection of waterfront estates called The Royal Villas.

There are a total of six villas here and it’s easy to see why they are called “royal”. Let’s take this beautiful villa as an example. Located in the Royal Phuket Marina, in Phuket, Thailand, it’s surrounded by beautiful palm trees and flowing water. The colors are vibrant and the whole exterior resembles a paradise. The villa also has a private yacht berth like all the other villas in this collection. It’s a unique feature that makes it that more special.

The atmosphere here is very relaxing and very pleasant. The exterior is soothing and the interior is elegant and very calm. The private yacht berth is situated at the foot of the estate. It can accommodate vessels of up to 25 meters and it benefits from the Royal Phuket Marina’s full range of professional concierge and marina maintenance services. As you can see, the villa has been distinctly designed to accommodate a certain type of lifestyle. It’s opulent, very vibrant, luxurious and it resembles a piece of paradise. Such a property would sell for around $6.38 million.

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