A stunning tree-house community built in Costa Rica

Sometimes when you visit a place you like so much that you actually fall in love with it and wish to never leave the area. It’s exactly what happened when Mateo and Erica Hogan visited Costa Rica. The couple comes from Colorado but decided to make Costa Rica their second home. They managed to create an amazing community here.

This is Finca Bellavista or FBV. It’s a sustainable tree house community that can be found in the South Pacific coastal region of Costa Rica. The property measures 600 acres and it now features 7 tree houses and cabins. They are all available for rent. The location was crucial for this project. The couple wanted to offer their guests and clients a spectacular experience and to allow them to spend time in the middle of nature, enjoying its beauty.

The property offers, of course, more than just a few lovely tree houses. Here you can find waterfalls, natural pools, hiking trails, wildlife and a zip line course. It’s the perfect place for adventure. It’s not the type of destination one would choose if relaxation and luxury is something they prefer.

Several parcels of land are available for sale on the property. In fact, since 2007 the couple has sold 51 parcels and built 25 structures. You can visit the community and rent the tree house throughout the whole, except for the month of October. Then the FBV closes due to the rains.The tree houses can be rented for priced between $100 and $275, depending on which one you choose. The base camp has a dining hall, an open-air lounge, a rancho, a bath house, a campfire ring and even a wedding garden for those that prefer a unique wedding location. Even though only few buildings have power here, the majority of the parcels have 3G cell service so you won’t be completely isolated.

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