A striking design for the Singapore Civic & Culture cenre, shaped like a ship

Here’s a building that you can definitely not miss. Its unusual design and striking shape are guaranteed to catch your eye from a distance. This is the Singapore Civic & culture centre and it was designed by Aedas. The building is more or less shaped like a ship and has a majestic allure. But wait till you see the interior.

The building is the most important and iconic landmark in the area and rises 40 meters up in the air. It has two main parts. The lower portion of the building houses a series of galleries and the museums. Then there’s the grand foyer which is at the top of the building. It’s open and it offers marvelous views of the whole surrounding area. Definitely a must-try experience for the visitors in the area.

The whole complex covers around 24,000 square meters and is indeed grandiose, both in terms of dimensions and design. The retail portion of the building is designed to spiral around inward and includes an open amphitheater, the foyer and a series of cultural and civic functions. When designing the building, the architects tried to blur the line between these different functions and to bring them all together. They also played with indoor and outdoor spaces and the way they interact.

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