A Simple House in Gauses,Spain

As everybody feels the need to have a home, there are all sorts of houses: from the most expensive to more accessible and of course to cheap houses. The house with an apparent strange form is located in Gauses, Vilopriu, Spain and was designed by Anna & Eugeni Bach according to the financial aspect, but the result was satisfactory.

There is a principal building which serves as both a small studio for painting and an occasional weekend house, but also a porch in a totally green environment. The porch has a very simple and natural appearance; the two facades below it are painted in vertical white and green stripes, integrating the building into the surrounding vegetation, have a more durable appearance and produces a sort of play according to the sunlight.

One of the corners provides spectacular views over the entire village and over the mountains on the horizon. It is a simple place, which provides an appropriate mood and atmosphere both for work and revival. The white and green facades are in harmony with the natural environment and you definitely feel welcome.

The wide glass windows from the open-plan space fit perfectly in the general atmosphere and provide the essential natural light. The entire open-plan area is ideally maximized and is the most attractive place of the house, in contrast with the other rooms, which are reduced to essentials. The inclinations offer a sort of continuity between the principal building and the porch, everything emphasizing the concept of essence and simplicity.{found on archdaily}

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